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Microscopic Enhanced Dentistry in Bibwewadi


As per names microscopic dentistry we know that the dental operating microscope is used for better visualization in dental treatment. A dental operating microscope (D.O.M.) has been a key tool for endodontic (root canal) dentistry since it became a requirement for residencies to teach specialists to use it in 1998

Kotadia’s Dental Care is the Best Dental Clinic in Bibwewadi for Microscopic Dentistry to ensure the greatest precision when providing your care. You can be experienced the next level of microscopic dentistry that gives a better result. Dr. Pratik Kotadia is an Endodontist in Pune who mainly used microscopic dentistry for dental treatment.

Advantage of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry
  • The Microscope provides 300 to 400  times more accuracy than the traditional dental equipment.
  • Helps in detecting and diagnosing dental health risks
  • Improves precision in oral treatments
  • Better conserves tooth structure
  • Decreases damage to oral tissues
  • Decreases trauma to soft tissues
  • Facilitates quicker post-surgery healing
  • Reduces post-operative symptoms
  • Provides overall better dental care
  • Some functions of teeth harm, like many sorts of cracks, are simply no longer seen without giant magnification (16x as a minimum). Although many dentists restrict themselves to low-magnification loupes, or maybe do their work without magnification, in the exam, dentists operating without magnification are much more likely to depart small pockets of deterioration.

Dr. Pratik Kotadia and Dr. Kinjal Kotadia are experienced endodontists in Pune. they can complete the root canal treatment in a single visit. If you looking for Root Canal Treatment in Pune with an experienced endodontist then feel free to visit Kotadia’s Dental care Bibwewadi Pune. you can easily Book an appointment with us

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