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Teeth Whitening


The procedure of Teeth Bleaching whitens your teeth if they have been stained or discoloured to off-white/yellow colour. Everyone desires to have shiny and bright teeth. People with discoloured teeth often lose some great opportunities in their life and also lack of confidence. The bright and shiny teeth surely increase the confidence level as well as your persona. So, people always try different methods to keep their teeth white and bright. But these methods of teeth whitening never provide a guarantee nor total safety to your teeth. However, to address such issues Kotadia’s Dental Care, a Multi-specialty dental clinic has many options for teeth whitening which suits the pocket of everyone.


Teeth Whitening Procedures


Gross neglect, medical conditions, eating habit and many other factors contribute to the problem of discolouration or yellow teeth. In some cases, the teeth acquire a greyish colour and are mostly due to deposition of nicotine compounds. Teeth whitening are considered to be an ideal treatment for such conditions. However, at Kotadia’s Dental Care, our dentists advice patients to follow healthy oral habit ensuring the treatment to work to the best. As a process teeth whitening is convenient and inexpensive. The treatment aims at removing stains which are achieved by polishing certain chemicals.

As another option, where the inner part of teeth is not naturally white, dentist infuses peroxide chemical ensuring the inner part of teeth becomes white.



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